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Worker Health Charts

The below articles are derived from data contained in the Center for Disease Control' s NISOH publication entitled Worker Health Chartbook 2004. This reference book provides data on occupational morbidity and mortality in the United States. This information is gathered by the US Government to help those who need to know about occupational injuries and illnesses. It describes the magnitude, distribution, and trends of the Nation’s occupational injuries, illnesses, and fatalities.

Which types of jobs are most stressful?

Which types of jobs are most dangerous?

Which states are the most dangerous to work in?

What are the fastest growing occupations & industries?

What are the jobs causing Hepatitis B infections in healthcare workers?

How are you most likely to die at work? Which jobs and industries cause the most deaths?

What industries cause the greatest amount of hearing loss?

What jobs cause Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

What jobs cause Tendonitis?

What pesticides are the most dangerous? What industry sectors are the most dangerous with respect to poisoning?

What lung diseases are caused by work?

How safe is farm work (agriculture)?

What are the risks in the mining industries?

How dangerous is construction work?



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Reporting Unsafe Working Conditions

Reporting Unsafe Working Conditions

Workers in the US are entitled to work under safe conditions. If you observe unsafe conditions or practices, report the problem immediately to your supervisor.
Workers' Comp Reform Calls for More Data

Workers' Comp Reform Calls for More Data

NY State has improved its workers' compensation program. More ...