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Whistleblower Receives $70,400

A former district sales manager from an international distributor of facilities maintenance products blew the whistle on repeated overcharging the government. The company in question is W.W. Grainger Inc. based in the Midwest.

According to the lawsuit, Grainger's contract with the federal government allowed a 26 percent markup above cost yet one of the accounts was charged 30 to 60 percent above cost.

Another violation was that Grainger purchased from companies that were not part of the fair trade agreement. And since the government was a high volume purchaser they were supposed to get a discount but never did.

WhistleBlower settlement

The lawsuit does not say how much the government was allegedly overcharged by Grainger but the whistleblower was awarded 15 to 25 percent of the proceeds of the action or settlement of the claim for his risk taking role.

In 2007, W.W. Grainger had $6.4 billion in sales. The firm has facilities in more than 600 cities, including 18 distribution centers, with 17,000 employees.

More information about Whistleblower Claims

Nurse Sues Employer for Back Injury

Although this happened in the United Kingdom, it could happen anywhere. Nurses suffer workers compensation claims from back injuries received when trying to lift or move patients.

In this case a nurse sustained a debilitating back injury when she tried to move a heavy hospital bed while trying to change the sheets. Hospital equipment should be kept in good repair as to prevent avoidable injuries like this. Nurses receive training for heavy lifting and moving but taking precautions doesn't always work.

The most common injury of the nursing profession is back injury. More information about common workplace injuries.



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Food Handlers at Risk for MRSA Infections from Pigs


The latest peanut recall stemming from the Peanut Corporation of America in Georgia shone a bright light on how the United States has a failed our food safety network.

Recently, researchers at the University of Iowa published a study about MRSA infection in swine and swine workers. The study tested 299 pigs and 20 workers from Iowa and Illinois pig farms finding a strain of MRSA that was prevalent in 49 percent of the pigs and 45 percent of the pig handlers.

MRSA is a type of infectious strain that is resistant to the antibiotics that are used to treat it. There have been more deaths from the elusive MRSA than recent data on HIV/AIDS.

Once MRSA is introduced, it spreads between pigs and their caretakers. Since Iowa ranks first in pig production, researchers want to assess the safety production of pigs, pig products, pig handlers, and meat packers who come in contact with raw pig products as well as other meat products like beef, poultry, lamb, and goat. More information about common workplace hazards.

Americans Want Health Insurance With or Without Jobs

Keeping businesses open and people employed as well as creating new jobs is a very important concern.

Almost eight in 10 Americans want health insurance companies to cover anyone who applies, even if they have a pre-existing condition. Support remains high even when the public is given the argument that such a change may raise health insurance costs for healthier people even as it lowers them for the less healthy.


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