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Are You Afraid of Losing Your Health Insurance?

Join the club. Most Americans are afraid of being without health insurance due to job loss and inability to work or because of a pre-existing condition banned by a greedy healthcare corporation.

In a latest poll conducted by an opinion research firm, consumers were more in favor of having a payroll deduction that would go toward an early Medicare of sorts vs.

paying a private healthcare premium without fiscal boundaries that could be raised at will.

What do you think?



Rotator Cuff Surgery and Workers Compensation


A study published in The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery found that workers' compensation victims did not do as well after rotator cuff surgery compared to persons who had no work related injuries.

Oddly enough, the workers' compensation group was significantly younger

with greater work demands and lower marital rates and education levels. With a follow up a year later, their outcomes showed lower improvement rates.

Shoulder disorders are very common work injuries. The goal of the study was to improve rotator cuff outcomes especially for workers' compensation victims. More information about filing a workers compensation claim in Pennsylvania.


Food Processing Risks & Lung Disease

The Dangers of Diacetyl

In the past two months, consumers have observed how a peanut processing plant has maliciously packaged and distributed peanut products knowingly tainted with salmonella food poisoning.

Unfortunately, there was not a whistleblower among these employees who talked amongst themselves about the horrendous peanut conditions but feared losing their low paying jobs if they spoke out...until it was too late and people died.

You have to wonder what detrimental health conditions they too endured from handling salmonella tainted products and breathing mold-rampant fumes.

Other types of foods are negatively impacted by food processing. Among them is the processing of food flavorings which are a complex combination of compounds that may include a chemical called diacetyl.

Do you like butter-flavored popcorn in the movie theatre? Think diacetyl. This chemical compound has been linked to a severe type of lung disease called bronchiolitis obliterans.

In food processing, diacetyl is added to a wide range of foods such as butter, cheese, milk, flour mixes, cookies, crackers, candy, confections, chocolate, shortening, food oils, margarines, flavored syrups, potato chips, corn chips, ready-to-mix desserts, and prepared frosting.

Workers who process flavorings or people who live near flavoring plants may be at risk for diacetyl exposure via vapors, dusts or sprays.



Calculate Compensation

Have our Attorneys Calculate Your Estimated Compensation Rate

This roundup of headlines from across the nation provides a snapshot of what's happening with
workers' compensation in the United States.


New York Whistleblower Gets $37,000

An employee at a party rental company reported unsafe working conditions to OSHA and was fired by the company. This is illegal.

The employee was paid $37,000 in back wages and damages after being illegally fired. The complaint was valid and whistleblowers are protected under law.


My Boss Drives Me Crazy:
Heart Attack at Work

February is heart health month. Let's address the question: If you or a family member has a heart attack at work, are you covered by workers' compensation? Read more about on the job stress.

The answer depends on many factors. Workers' compensation was designed to compensate workers for lost wages resulting from work related injuries. Every state has its own workers' compensation laws so your mileage will vary based on state law.

Most of the time, there is a connection between the work and the injury. A boss from hell may or may not qualify as workers compensation. We recommend that you consult a workers' compensation attorney to find out what your legal options are as workers' compensation is handled on a case-by-case basis.


Advocates for Justice: Whistleblowers and False Claims Act

Are you aware of fraud happening against the government? Report it! Blow the whistle!

The False Claims Act allows Americans just like you to sue companies for fraud on behalf of the government and allows those citizens to keep a portion of the returns. Last year 78 percent of settled cases were first initiated by private citizens.

Health care fraud accounted for $1.1 billion of the recoveries in 2008. Most were related to false claims submitted by drug companies, insurance providers, hospitals, and health care providers to the Medicare and Medicaid programs. Others were related to false claims submitted to the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program and the Veterans Affairs.


About the Statute of Limitations

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