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Workers' Compensation & Social Security Disability Newsletter Archives

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Below are archived articles from our monthly newsletter with important news about workers' compensation reform, preventing workplace injuries, resources for injured workers and other topics of interest to workers.

Volume 2: Spotlight on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome:
Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful, progressive condition that affects thousands of people every year. There are a variety of causes of carpal tunnel syndrome, but it's particularly common in women and in people who work on assembly lines and perform repetitive motions in the course of their jobs. View Newsletter Archive

Volume 3: Spotlight on Back Injuries:
Back injuries are surprisingly common. According to Prevention magazine, adults have a 50 percent chance of suffering a serious back injury at some point during their life. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that back injuries account for 1 in 4 occupational injuries resulting in days lost from work. View Newsletter Archive

Volume 4: Spotlight on Work-Related Car Accidents:
Motor vehicle crashes kill more U.S. workers than any other workplace hazard, injury or illness. Yet many of these accidents are preventable, as research by U.S. Centers for Disease Control's National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health shows. View Newsletter Archive

Volume 5: Government Paying Back Nuclear Workers Who Got Sick on the Job
The U.S. Department of Labor announced that it has paid more than $1 billion to 8,926 individuals under the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act. The money provides compensation for lost wages and medical care to people who suffered occupational illnesses as a result of their jobs at nuclear plants. View Newsletter Archive

Volume 6: Repetitive Strain Injury - Prevention and Coping
Ergonomic disorders are the fastest growing category of work-related illness. According to the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research, musculoskeletal disorders are the country's most costly category of workplace injuries and illnesses. View Newsletter Archive

Volume 7: Courts Pursuing Workers Compensation Fraud
Courts in every state are cracking down hard on people who have managed to get away with workers compensation fraud. When you file a worker’s compensation claim, be sure to look over your shoulder because most likely your employer’s insurance company has hired a private investigator to shadow your activities. View Newsletter Archive

Volume 8: Risks to Restaurant Industry Employees
Many teenagers look forward to their first part time job. Work offers a sense of independence and responsibility that many teens and their parents believe is important to their development and to their future. However, not all jobs are safe for teenagers and some carry specific risks of which teenagers should be aware. View Newsletter Archive

Volume 9: The Construction Industry is Risky Business
Falls are a common cause of workplace injury for construction workers. It is the nature of the construction industry that workers are working on structures that are in various stages of completion. So, it is common for workers to be unprotected by walls, floors or other structures that we rely upon to keep us safe. View Newsletter Archive

Volume 10: The Dangers of the Agriculture Industry
Farm machinery is necessary for modern agricultural endeavors. We count on the consistent quality and quantity of work that machines can produce. However, machines can be dangerous for agricultural workers. They can result in significant injuries or even fatalities. View Newsletter Archive

Volume 11: Risk of Injuries for Hospital Workers
The hospital emergency room can be a rewarding, yet dangerous, place to work. While some injuries to workers may be inevitable due to the nature of the work, employers are required to minimize the risks and to provide employees, including medical doctors, with certain protections. View Newsletter Archive

Volume 12: The Danger of Occupational Injuries in the Apparel Industry
The manufacturing of cotton apparel is risky. It is well documented that the exposure to cotton dust can lead to significant health problems and fatalities. Cotton dust is dangerous because as cotton is handled and manufactured into clothing the dust that is created includes bits of bacteria, fungi, pesticides and other materials that were associated with the cotton plant. View Newsletter Archive

Volume 13: Fight to Extend Statute of Limitations for Workers Compensation
A police officer who tried to revive a dying baby by sucking blood and mucus from her airways more than 20 years ago contracted hepatitis C from the infant. Unfortunately by the time he made that connection, the statute of limitations to apply for workers’ compensation had expired... View Newsletter Archive

Volume 14: Are You Afraid of Losing Your Health Insurance?
Most Americans are afraid of being without health insurance due to job loss and inability to work or because of a stupid pre-existing condition banned by a greedy healthcare corporation. View Newsletter Archive

Volume 15: Whistleblower Receives $70,400
A former district sales manager from an international distributor of facilities maintenance products blew the whistle on repeated overcharging the government. The company in question is W.W. Grainger Inc. based in the Midwest. View Newsletter Archive

Volume 16: Can We Agree to Disagree? Asbestos Ruling
The New York Workers Compensation panel reversed a previous ruling that disqualified a Con Edison machinist from receiving workers compensation benefits for esophageal cancer. View Newsletter Archive

Volume 17: Meat Packing Employee Hell
Multinational meat companies have little regard for cows, chickens, and pigs and less regard for their employees. Generally, to meet production goals, the processing lines at the plant move extremely fast. View Newsletter Archive

Volume 18: Marines and Breast Cancer
Yes, you read that correctly, Marines based in Camp Lejeune, N.C., have allegedly been victimized by contaminated drinking water. So far, 20 Marines have been diagnosed with male breast cancer. View Newsletter Archive

Volume 19: Work Related Injuries at Grocery Stores
Most grocery store work is physically demanding in some way. Every day grocery store workers handle thousands of items while stocking shelves, checking groceries, decorating bakery goods, and preparing meat products. View Newsletter Archive

Volume 20: Whistleblowers - $78.5 Million Settlement
Two University of Phoenix' former employees turned whistleblowers may be happy they had the courage to speak out against the University's bad practices. View Newsletter Archive

Volume 21: Employee's Complaint Leads to Home Goods Fines
Kudos to an employee at a Home Goods store in Commack, N.Y.: The employee complained to OSHA about the lack of safety standards at this particular store. View Newsletter Archive

Volume 22: Fire Fighting 101
Some fire fighters work in hazardous materials units that are trained for the control, prevention, and cleanup of materials like oil spills. View Newsletter Archive

Volume 23: Gas blast kills 5 workers + injures many more
A power plant under construction in Connecticut ignited after a gas leak in one of the lines. Much of the structure was blown to bits and the blast could be felt for miles. View Newsletter Archive



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Reporting Unsafe Working Conditions

Reporting Unsafe Working Conditions

Workers in the US are entitled to work under safe conditions. If you observe unsafe conditions or practices, report the problem immediately to your supervisor.
Workers' Comp Reform Calls for More Data

Workers' Comp Reform Calls for More Data

NY State has improved its workers' compensation program. More ...